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The Basics
Are all ships similar?

Cruise ships range from intimate and yacht-like to vessels that are longer than three football fields (we're not kidding). You can sail with less than 100 guests and more than 2,600. Some ships are casual, others formal. Some contemporary, others classic. You can even choose ships that actually have sails. (Windstar is great if that's what you want!)

Depending upon your preferences, you can select a ship that is like a resort, or a special interest cruise that offers less on board and instead allows you to immerse yourself in the cultures that you visit. There are cruises designed to suit virtually every interest and personal preference.

The choices include: boutique; luxury; large, contemporary ships; classic vessels; and special-interest or exploration cruises that specialize in unique destinations with an accent on cultural enrichment.

There are cruise lines that feature adventure expeditions to such unusual and rustic frontiers as Antarctica, the Amazon rain forest or African Serengeti. Or discover historical legacies closer to home with enlightening itineraries to New England, French Canada and the Colonial America coast.

For experienced travelers, destination-focused cruises specialize in premium, culturally-rich ports of call with itineraries dedicated to illuminating such historic, world-class treasures as the antiquities of classical Greece, the Polynesian paradise of Hawaii or the fabled splendor of the Norwegian fjords.

For many, the perfect vacation includes the non-stop fun and sun of a tropical resort-style cruise to the Caribbean, where you can sample a variety of island cultures and cuisines while working on a terrific sun tan.

Plus, many cruise lines create special "themes" on-board, with entertainment ranging from jazz festivals and classical music concerts to golf clinics and murder mysteries at sea!