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The Basics
Are all ships similar?
Are cruise ships wheelchair accessible?
Are there different classes of service?
Are there non-smoking areas?
How long are cruises?
Is there a doctor on board?
Will I feel bored or confined?
Are there special packages and offers for groups?
Can singles have fun on a cruise?
Can we celebrate a special occasion?
How do I know which cruise line / ship is best for me?
How secure are cruise ships?
Is cruising for honeymooners?
Where can I go?
Are the rates online the same as I would get by calling Skipping Town?
Can I change cabins?
Can I change or cancel my cruise once I've purchased it?
Can I extend my cruise vacation?
Can I send a check or money order as payment?
Can I use several credit cards to purchase a cruise?
Does the traveler have to be the credit card holder?
I searched for a cruise and no matches were found. Why?
If the cruise line cancels or changes my cruise, will I receive notice?
My purchase confirmation shows a different deck than I chose when I was selecting my cabin, Why?
Should I purchase travel insurance?
What does my cruise price include?
What forms of payment can I use?
Why are port charges separate from the cruise price?
Why do I need to provide my age/birth date?
Why do you require that my billing address and shipping address are the same?
Why don't you accept debit cards?
Do I have to call the airline to confirm my flights?
Do I need a passport?
Do I need an electrical converter?
How much money should I bring?
What documentation do I need to bring?
What should I pack?
Will I need a tuxedo?
Should I be concerned about hurricanes or tsunamis while on a cruise ship?
Are there meeting rooms onboard?
Can I order specially prepared meals?
How do I pay for my on board charges?
How do we stay in touch with home and the outside world?
Is there a babysitting service onboard?
Is there laundry service?
Is tipping included?
What are my dining options?
What if I have seasickness?
What is a muster drill?
What other services are available aboard a cruise ship?
When dining, can I sit only with my family and friends, or will I have tablemates?
Are there any special educational programs on-board?
Are there onboard activities for children and teens?
Do I have to participate in the activities?
How can I book shore excursions?
Is there a charge for entertainment?
What can I do in port?
What's there to do at night?